Corporate Classes

At Skye LifeStyle, we offer on-site health and wellness programs, making it convenient, accessible to all and a good use of time management. We can design programs for groups, executives and individuals.

The classes can take place onsite, or at a nearby park or company gym. They can be conducted before or after work, during lunch time or an afternoon session.


Weekend Yoga Retreats

Located just over the Bridge on the beautiful north head of Manly, this weekend yoga retreat is ideal for those who need to recharge the batteries without leaving Sydney.

Join Skye LifeStyle and Q Station Retreat to rejuvenate the body and mind at one of our upcoming two-night Sydney Harbour Yoga Retreat weekend events.


Corporate Wellness

So how do you introduce a Corporate Health and Wellness Program that is effective, efficient, scalable and goal-oriented?

Firstly, the program and its activities should be simple.

It should be simple to promote – and it should be easy for employees to implement into their everyday work lives.