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Do you….Detox?

The best soup to enjoy during a detox...

Easy to digest. Satisfying. Healthy

Do you detox?

With so much varying information on hand these days on how to live the most healthy way, it is hard to know what to do.

We are constantly bombarded with ideas such as:
– Eat a diet low on carbs but high on protein…
– Go on a juice feast…
– Eat a diet of raw food only…
– Wait till midday and only eat 2 meals a day…TRUST ME this does not work!
and you know here are 1 million other options out there…

Believe me, I have tried this all and then some.

But what I do know is that you need a combination of it all.

I now eat healthfully, 3 meals a day, a healthy snack of almonds or a protein shake here and there and if all else fails and my plans fall apart, and I don’t eat as I planned, I have a ‘Go to Soup’ that gives my body a digestion rest and keeps me feeling satisfied.

I found Teresa Cutter’s Detox Vegetable Soup to be the rescue this week. On Monday after celebrating my Mums 70th Birthday on the weekend I felt very lethargic, lack lustre and I just didn’t feel like eating.

I juiced my favourite green lemonade to have for breakfast and lunch and for dinner I made this amazing super green and super food soup.


For the green vegetables, I blitzed in the food processor:
– 3 zucchinis
– A full head of broccoli
– A full head of kale

This made it quicker to cook and ultimately saved me time chopping and steaming the vegetables.

It was super easy and I loved the crunchy green toppings of garlic, spring onions and parsley.

Make this soup as a good back up for when you need a digestion break and freezing is another option also…


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