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Have You Considered A Yoga Party?

Looking for a healthy, happier lifestyle? Daily yoga practice is a great way to energize the body, calm the mind and boost the immune system.

Try something different from the typical weekend brunch with friends and start off the day with an outdoor yoga session.

Get a group of friends and colleagues together at your local park or check with Skye to find a place in an existing weekend class.

Skye LifeStyle can tailor classes for new and expectant mums to strengthen pelvic floor muscles and improve posture, stability and balance. Prenatal yoga focuses on breathing and relaxation techniques that can assist with the delivery of your baby.

Why not consider Skye LifeStyle for your sporting group? Group exercise can foster a closer team environment and Skye will show your team some wonderful stretching methods to boost energy and improve overall flexibility.

Or host a girl’s night in with a difference and invite your friends to a yoga party. Individual and couple classes are also available.

Skye LifeStyle tailors classes to suit every fitness level, from beginners through to experienced yoga practitioners and with health benefits such as reduced stress, muscle toning and sounder sleep patterns, you’ll soon be on the way to a better life/work balance.

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