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How to learn and grow from injury

Injury. Why did this happen to me?

back pain

back pain and injury management

This is the question you ask yourself when an injury takes place. How did this happen?

I am currently in recovery from a back injury where an old sacroiliac joint injury flared up, old pregnancy pubic symphysis disorder flared up and I created a (new) disc injury. AGONY.

Why did this have to happen?

I felt the signs
I recognised I needed to go and get a treatment
I ignored all of this (because I am busy/am a mum/running a business!)
And ended up with an injury I couldn’t recover from alone without the help of expensive treatments.

What has this taught me?

Well, it has shown the incredible relationship that I have with my husband, my family and friends. When the chips are down and you have incredible relationships it shows you who is really on hand to help.

I guess it has definitely shown me that I need to listen to the signs, take the time to get a treatment and

I had my poor Mother walking me to the bathroom, putting out my washing, changing my sons nappy – and the list continues. I..COULD..NOT..MOVE. My husband was everything to my son for over a week. I couldn’t hold or lift him.

I am strong and capable person and this was a massive surprise to be totally incapacitated.

All we have is our health. Without it we have nothing. Money makes no difference when you cannot stand, walk or get to the bathroom without the aid of someone that loves and cares for you.

I encourage you to listen to these signs that our bodies send us all so clearly to us.

Here are my top 10 tips to manage yourself better to stay in optimum health – in mind and body:

1. Take things easier when you don’t feel well
2, Rest from exercise when you are not 100%
3. Sleep more if you are tired
4. Go and get a massage regularly – just because it makes you feel good!
5. Invest in your health – whatever it is that makes you feel awesome – indulge!
5. Sit in stillness to relax your mind
6. Take a walk in the sunshine and listen to your favourite music
7. Call a good friend and have a laugh
8. Go and see a funny movie and have a good belly laugh – it always brightens you mood – go alone if you need to!
9. Swim in the ocean – cleansing and powerful when you are feeling low
10. Cook something delicious :)

Sounds simple doesn’t it!

Be kind to yourself. Listen to you r body and realise you only have 1 body – look after it!

If you have any questions please let me know…

Take care of the body you are in.

All of my best to you

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