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Including Raw Food into your LifeStyle

When I was living in LA 6 years ago, the Raw Food movement was well and truly underway and I was an avid fan of all of the raw restaurants across town. My eyes lit up when I saw the rainbow of colours in every meal and the full flavour of each mouthful was just so awe inspiring. While it sounds corny, it made me smile from within.

I lived in Santa Monica and was in walking distance to Juliano’s Raw and often frequented Rawvolution also in Santa Monica. I had tried just about every ‘diet’ to help in weight loss so was eager to try what everyone was talking about. Maybe this would work?

I managed to stay committed to the lifestyle change thanks to my incredible room mate Michelle, and we shared the various duties of chopping salad and vegetables and preparing our juices each day.

While committing to a raw food lifestyle in LA for 18 months was a big step, it showed me just good it can make you feel. I had more energy, people commented frequently about my glowing skin, hair, eyes and the end result was that after removing processed food I lost around 10-13 kilos over the time. It was the best I ever felt.

Nowadays I make a daily juice, and I strive to be a raw foodist till dinner time, enjoying a raw salad and dressing for lunch, snacking on fruit and making fun raw snacks to keep me energised throughout my busy day.

I will admit that it was very hard for me to stay a raw foodist 100% of the time, but I now strive to be 80% raw and add in a cooked meal in the evening. This way I can be socialable and keep that glowing feel from within.

If you are looking to learn more about the Raw Food Movement, then this is the week for you! The ultimate Raw Food Activist David Wolfe is in town this week and is conducting events from this Friday in Sydney and then around the country. Check out David’s schedule here and book your spot. He is the motivating and brilliant health professional that I have met. Here is his schedule: http://davidwolfeaustraliantour.com/sydney/

Enjoy these helpful links to a few of the Los Angeles based Raw Food Restaurants that I have tried:

While there are many raw food books around, I enjoy referring to Natalia Rose’s book to use her easy to follow recipes:

Creamy Asian Dressing – Source: Natalia Rose, The Raw Food Detox Diet

Homemade Raw Salad – consisting of mixed lettuce leaves, tomato, mushroom, cucumber, basil leaves, walnuts, capsicum, avocado and dressed in the Creamy Asian Dressing

Abundant fruits and vegetable ready for juicing

If you would like any further information on adding raw into your lifestyle or would like a copy of the recipes included in the images please let me know.

Enjoy your week and feel amazing by adding some Raw into your LifeStyle!

Light and Life,

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