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Injury Rehabilitation

Injury Rehabilitation at Pro Therapy Maroubra.

Downward Facing Dog to stretch the ligaments

How do you pick yourself back up after injury?

If you are a physical person who enjoys regular exercise, then it is inevitable you will become injured at one time or another. Injuries teach us about our bodies. They teach us how our bodies work in harmony and disharmony should we push too hard or over do it.

I have been injured here and there over the last few years but most recently I sprained my right ankle while at the gym working out and not being focused enough on the step ups I was doing. Consequently I missed the step and fell in agony (and no doubt a sterling dramatic performance loaded with expletives). I sprained my ankle with a level 1 classic sprain. I am told it was the best case scenario.

The acute pain was excruciating but the length of the rehab and rest was unexpected.

I was literally depressed when I was told to rest and to do no exercise. No yoga in my classes. No walking in the sunshine for an hour at a time. Rest rest and rest some more.

I am now 6 weeks post injury and I am all but back to my regular exercise. I can go for a walk for up to 30 minutes and use the stationery bike at the gym for up to an hour. Strangely enough I have really enjoyed the gym workout on the bike and have done more cardio than normal this past 6 weeks. Cardio was a dirty word to me and I always chose to use weights or do a power yoga class to avoid cardio.

So for me this injury has been a blessing in a way I never expected. I am more focused on my cardio activity and will now strive to maintain my cycling activities. I have enjoyed pushing my heart rate and feel great afterwards, a real sense of achievement. My hip, waist and bottom measurements have dropped. Who knew what a great result could be achieved doing my cardio activity!

Maybe this injury was meant to be. Maybe it was a way for me to learn how dedicated I am to feeling great and having no pain in my body. A way for me to appreciate my health and my strength.

My recommendation to you is to move more. To appreciate your good health and vitality. And to get outside and walk in the sunshine.

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