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My Herbalife Experience


I have been a Distributor for Herbalife for the last few months and I have found some incredible benefits, as have my customers and students.

As a way to best understand the benefits of the Herbalife experience, I decided to start on their Ultimate Program.  Having a very clean and almost raw/vegan diet, I was initially challenged to consume 2 x daily shakes as a meal replacement, as I missed my fruit for breakfast and salad for lunch.  I decided to turn this into a fun experience, and now I thoroughly enjoy making my daily.  Given that I am on the road a lot, I make my shakes the night before and they last well til the next day.  I switch between using frozen berries, fresh fruit, adding my favourite MACA and Chia Seeds etc.  Making them fun and creative added value to the experience.  You can add anything you enjoy, or to keep the calorie level to around 250, keep it simple with the basic ingredients of shake/protein/water and just frozen berries! YUM!

To get some real results, I supplement my daily shakes with:

  • Flora Fibre – to assist in healthy elimination
  • Herbalifeline – my daily dose of omega 3/6/9 – and absolutely NO fishy aftertaste
  • Celluloss – helps to reduce excess fluids in the body and eliminate build up of fat cells
  • MultiVitamin – contains more than 20 essential minerals – perfect for men and women
  • NRG – gives you an extra health based energy boost to get the day

If you are looking for a Happy Healthier 2013, contact me for a tailored health evaluation and find the energy and vitality you need to make each day the best day ever!

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3 comments on “My Herbalife Experience

    • Hello Felicia,
      When I was preparing for the next day I would often make them the night prior. They were ok but I would recommend making them fresh if you can. They seem to separate a little was my experience.
      All the best!

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