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Oil Pulling – have you tried it?

It has been way too long between blogs.  I am often challenged by what I should write and then always think ‘no one will read this’ so resist the temptation to ‘blog’ but here I am with a new habit I am trying to adopt.

It is called…Oil Pulling.

Heard of it?

I (strangely as my Husband would say) actually enjoy a mouthful here and there of coconut oil.  Together we often cook with it, I use it on my skin and have even washed my hair with it.

So the thought of me putting a spoonful in my mouth and swishing it around like mouthwash, didn’t seem too much of a challenge to me.

So what really is all the fuss about?

I was a little concerned as I had a yoga friend do it and he became quite sick.  Not from the oil pulling, but what laid beneath the surface, sitting dormant and what would have eventually come up, a day, a week from then. He essentially brought it to the surface and create a massive internal cleanse.  Post cleanse he felt the best he had in years, his skin luminous, teeth whiter and lots of energy.

So I gave it a try.  I agree, the first time it was horrendous.  I tried hard not to vomit it up.  I had a shower while doing it to keep myself busy then accidentally swallowed some (big mistake) and then I have just tried this while sitting still (hard for me as you know) and have been doing this for a few days now and can see the benefits.  It cleanses the mouth, detoxifies, and the gunk that comes up has been white and frothy, a healthy result.  I am going to perservere with it and try to adopt this new healthy habit.

So, my friends, have you tried it?

What were your results?  Share away!

Or give it a try and I would love to hear how your experience was…

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