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‘Partner’ Love – great stretches with your ‘Mate’

I believe we shouldn’t be told ‘when’ to show someone affection, it is either something spontaneous or something you do ‘just because’. The high expectations we place on this day is ridiculous.

So, on the eve of ‘Valentines Day’ here in Australia, I have chosen to share some lovely stretches that can be achieved with your ‘partner’ of choice. These are not meant to be sexual in any way, shape or form, more so an introduction to being able to share these awesome stretches with a someone you enjoy spending time with. If it so happens that this person is a romantic interest, then even more fun :)

If you have a work out buddy then it is essential that you find time to practice these stretches together. As a rule, we are all far too concerned with getting stronger and fitter and often such important exercises are missed completely.

Generally I offer a special Partner Stretching workshop within my Q Station Sydney Harbour Yoga Retreat and include this all important partner stretches activity as I strongly believe we can all benefit from learning how to best stretch and to recover from our various fitness activities.

Our next Q Station Sydney Harbour Yoga Retreat is 24-26 April 2015.

You can visit this link for more information:

Enjoy and happy stretching!

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