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Year 12 Elevate Your Well-being Workshop

The Scots College
Skye and her team delivered relaxation and Wellness sessions to our Year 12 students. The team worked really positively with the boys and the activities were engaging and enjoyable – the students got a great deal out of the program. I would highly recommend Skye and her team to other schools looking to give their students tools to deal with the stresses and strains of the HSC.

James Bowles
Senior leader in pastoral care with a passion for the inclusive wellbeing of students
The Scots College

Hills Grammar
We engaged the services of Skye Lifestyle and her wellness team for our Year 12 Elevate Your Well-being Workshop over the last 2 years. Skye and her team were creative in their approach and had the Year 12 student in mind when developing the sessions. They were reliable, professional and we enjoyed working with them. I would not hesitate in recommending Skye and her well-being team to anyone looking for a well organised Year 12 Well-being event.

David O’Donohue
Head of Year Twelve
English Teacher
The Hills Grammar School

Corporate Wellness Programs

Carnival Australia – onsite corporate wellness program
I had been in regular contact with Skye for a number of years, so when I was charged with creating a health and wellness programme for Carnival Australia Skye Lifestyle was instantly top of mind!

The one word I could use to describe all my interactions with Skye would be ‘flexible’ – nothing was too much trouble to create, research, or amend to our needs. Skye was interested in the nature of our business, and the demographic of our employees, and worked with us to survey our employees about their health and wellness goals.

Skye was always pragmatic when proposing solutions, and even looked into a couple of ‘out-of-the-box’ requests that we had for on-site wellness seminars, and team conferences. She has built a great network of facilitators and teachers around her, and our employees responded well to their style also.

Our programme with Skye Lifestyle encompassed on-site classes throughout the year, as well as regular wellness seminars on a range of topics. Skye was very professional with arranging dates, times, course content, and there was no need for us to be inflexibly locked into a programme – we could change the offer depending on what our employees enjoy, and get the most benefit from.

Throughout the programme design and launch, Skye was receptive to feedback, able to propose useful solutions, and was also able to draw on her experiences setting up successful programmes with other employers. She truly brought a warm, passionate, yet professional approach to the project, and Carnival have embraced the programme accordingly.

Thanks again Skye – you were fantastic!
Craig McKissock
People and Performance Business Partner
Carnival Australia

Bunnings Trade NSW Conference 
While Skye and her team successfully run our weekly onsite wellness program for our Customer Support staff, we invited her to participate in our Trade NSW Conference to bring a wellness element to the day.  Our delegates were delighted to enjoy this hour long stretch and relaxation session.  Some of team had the following feedback to share:

‘A great way to good the blood pumping and break up a long day sitting down. Excellent advice to take into our daily routines and Skye was respectful to all different levels of fitness and ability.’

‘Skye was excellent, and made sure everyone understood the exercises while making it fun’

‘Skye was good at her job and showed the team all the right moves …. There were a lot of sore bodies the next day’

We appreciate how you tailored it perfectly for our team.  
Melanie Rutherford, Bunnings NSW Customer Support Office

Success for our Staff Wellness Program
IKEA identified that a wellness program would be a great way to engage with its employees as well as create a sense of team spirit and well-being in the workplace. Skye consulted with IKEA Tempe and provided the team with a wellness proposal that encompassed wellness activities including a weekly circuit, boxing and yoga class. The classes have been well received and wellness seems to be the new “buzz” word at IKEA Tempe.
IKEA Tempe
Che Lewer
Human Resources


Corporate Events

Skye Lifestyle’s chair yoga invigorated our team
At Dermalogica it’s not only important that we look after our team’s professional wel-lbeing, but their personal well-being as well. Skye Lifestyle’s Chair Yoga session was the perfect choice for a segment at our recent National Sales Conference. Our team felt invigorated, indulged and floated away with movements that will help look after their physical well-being whist out on the road or in their office.
Thank you so much Skye!”
Janin Roberson
National Training Manager – Sales at Dermalogica

Skye created a great day’s team building event at Q Station Manly
Thank you for organsing a great team building day for our team at Q Station Manly. Thursday was a good day, enjoyable and ticked all the boxes, so well done. I was very happy with all that you organised and thank you.

The yoga overlooking Manly, a few hours on Sydney Harbour kayaking and enjoying a delicious seafood lunch at a secluded beach and then a half day with Kyla clearing paths for a successful 2015 for our team.

We look forward to sharing our 2015 successes and hope to see you again.
Steve Loughran – General Manager, Canon

Skye created an event that everyone felt involved in
We invited Skye to be a part of our offsite team building event at Q Station Manly. As I am a beginner, I felt comfortable and the instructions were clear and easy to follow. At first, I thought yoga would be difficult and I would need to have a flexible body but since my experience with Skye, I have a whole new perspective in yoga. I would highly recommend to others to work with Skye.
Reny Iskandar, Academic Support – Australian Institute of Commerce and Language

We loved Skye’s calm and relaxed persona
We invited Skye to our offsite conference to deliver an energising morning yoga session in Manly. Our staff loved that the company had gone the extra mile and loved Skye’s calm and relaxing persona. We would recommend Skye’s services to anyone considering a morning team building with a difference.
TNS (Australia)

Skye keeps our clients chilled out and alert
If you’re reading this, it’s likely you’ve been sitting for prolonged periods of time… Not ideal, right? Shoulders hunched and eyes perhaps fixated to screens can leave us feeling drained and feeling pretty lousy after a while… but there’s help!

Skye is a friendly and fun professional, who helps remedy the ill effects of sedentary activity, with cool sessions like Simple Seated Chair Yoga.

Our clients come to our seminars to get inspired and adding Skye’s touch of well-being with a Stretch and Relaxation class keeps our clients chilled out and alert, they love it! So it’s easy to highly recommend Skye and her team so give them a try… your body will probably thank you.
Roger Vertannes – Gallop Solutions

A great experience
As our conference was based around work/life balance a Yoga session was a must. We work in a Trading environment that can be very stressful at times and learning to breathe correctly in order to relax the body as well as relaxing the mind was a great lesson.

The yoga positions were aimed to suit all abilities and it was fantastic to see everyone put such an effort into the class. I was initially concerned about how some of the group were going to take a yoga class but they loved it.

Thanks to Skye for her ability to work with a large group to suit the theme of our conference.
Kayla Le Cornu, Operations Manager, GrainCorp Operations Limited


Corporate Weekly Classes

I no longer use a Chiropractor
I used to spend a lot of time and money with a chiropractor but I no longer need it now that I’m a regular to Skye’s class in our office. I’ve been attending Skye’s weekly classes in our office at Kellogg’s for last two past year and I’ve noticed a tremendous difference in my posture, muscle flexibility and ability to cope in stressful situations. Skye is passionate about ensuring our class is well taken care of and always provides different options for the various student levels. Her experience and enthusiasm is part of the reason the class is such a success, as is clear with her long term expertise at our office over the past 5 years. Thank you, Skye
Jess Barros, Kelloggs Australia

The team feels valued, well cared for and looked after
I first met Skye at one of her weekend yoga retreats at Q Station Manly and felt the immense difference in my body after just one weekend. My body was open and my mind was reset, and it was clear to me that my team at work would greatly benefit from a weekly class with her.

As good health is a priority in our office, and we work in a highly stressful environment, I discussed with the team the benefits of a class and assessed interest. Our goal was to create a healthy space each week so that we could work together as a team to reduced sick days, strive to get a better life/work balance and develop a better coping mechanism to handle stress.

Skye started with us about 3 years ago. We could not believe the profound difference in our bodies right from the start. Many of our team have suffered from injuries over the years and each one of us have found wonderful benefit in a weekly class. Benefits such as improved posture, increased energy, our ability to stay calm and breathe, and an overall improved sleep pattern.

We can all see that it is a valuable asset having Skye come to us on a weekly basis and we are fortunate to use a beautiful light filled community hall located conveniently up the road from our office as our studio. It is great to be able to get out of our office and have some time elsewhere to focus on ourselves together as a team.
Nicky Bath – Chief Executive Officer – NSW Users and AIDS Association (NUAA)

Skye creates an enthusiastic work environment
I first met Skye at her Paddington class on Saturdays and I was so impressed with her that I invited Skye to teach at my workplace. Colleagues enthusiastically attend and we are coming up for a two year anniversary. It is always a pleasure to spend an hour experiencing Skye’s exceptional teaching.

Over the years I have attended a number of yoga classes with various styles of teaching.

For me, Skye has been the best on all levels.

I love Skye’s encouraging teaching method as she instructs with a fine balance of a good workout without pushing students into discomfort.

The relaxation at the beginning and end of the class is a fine way to complete each class and return to the world refreshed and energised.

Skye has a very professional and friendly approach and is interested in students well-being at all times. For anyone wanting to improve their health, I cannot recommend Skye highly enough.
Corporate office employee – Pyrmont – weekly corporate class


Professional Development Days

We were looking for a way to create a wellness event/seminar to say thank you to our hard working teachers.   We invited Skye into our professional development day at our school on day one this term and she created a seated chair yoga class.  Our staff stayed dressed in their corporate attire and for an hour we discussed health, nutrition and healthy sleep patterns.  The staff thoroughly enjoyed this seminar and we have invited Skye back for another event.  We highly recommend Skye’s professionalism and experience and would welcome Skye back again.
Greg Fitzgerald, Principal, Burraneer Bay Primary School, Caringbah


Weekend Yoga Retreats

It was perfect for beginners
I really liked Skye’s open and warm personality. There was no competition and the retreat is perfect for beginners.
Ingrid Stockley – participant at Q Station Manly Yoga Retreat

I felt really well looked after
The weekend retreat has inspired me to take up yoga. My body aches have lessened and I felt really well looked after as a new student to the class.
Mark Hale – participant at Q Station Manly Yoga Retreat

A wonderful weekend
Noelene and I would like to thank you for a wonderful weekend….many words come to mind. Fabulous, fulfilling, energising, amazing, relaxing etc. Thanks for the photos and see you at a future retreat.
Noelene Trenain and Robyn Crawford – Yoga Retreat


Weekly Yoga Classes

An enjoyable one hour
Classes with Skye have enabled me to discover the great benefits that yoga has on my flexibility and relaxation. Her classes are in a non-competitive and encouraging atmosphere yet it is an enjoyable one hour with a well-designed sequence of exercises that will stretch all muscles.

And you will feel the class in your body over the next two days! I would definitely recommend Skye as a yoga teacher.
Heri Bustamante – weekly yoga student


Private Classes

Led us with grace and patience
I first met Skye Griffiths after making the winning bid on two private yoga classes (to be held in my own home) at a charity function.

Now two years on, Skye has become a weekly part of my own and my partner’s efforts to keep ourselves healthy – in body and mind – as we both have very pressured jobs and are not getting any younger. She has led us with grace and patience through more than the basics of yoga, never pushing us further or more quickly than we are ready to go. As a result I feel we have made steady and rewarding progress, and have both started to feel comfortable and competent in our yoga practice, understanding its intentions, even a little of the philosophy that underpins it.

I now very much feel I could enter a larger yoga classroom with confidence, without fear of embarrassing myself (not that competition or embarrassment play any part in yoga, as Skye will tell you), but for the time-being and the foreseeable future I’m very happy to pursue the benefits of the one-one-one attention that a private lesson ensures.
Anthony Ellis, Script Producer, Packed To the Rafters, SEVEN