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Jetlag Recovery Yoga

Looking for a fun and energising activity to do before your guests can check into their hotel?

What better way to entertain your interstate or international guests than with a uniquely tailored yoga or fitness class with Skye Lifestyle.

Jetlag is the bane of every business traveller and can turn meetings or incentive trips into stay-awake marathons. Jetlag Recovery Yoga uses a series of movements, stretches and breathing techniques to help travellers readjust their body clock quickly.

For individual travelers or corporate meeting and incentive groups there is nothing better than getting into the great outdoors and enlivening travellers with a true Sydney or Australian experience.

The classes can be conducted at the beginning of the trip or between meetings to help travellers with concentration, focus and a better night’s sleep.

The package can be tailored to all levels, from beginner yoga students to advanced practitioners, and customised to suit individuals or corporate groups.

Classes are offered nation-wide.