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Our Team

Skye Lifestyle boasts an incredible team of yoga and fitness expert teachers around Australia.

Skye Griffiths
Director of Corporate Programmes

Skye Griffiths knows all about the challenges and stresses of the corporate world – she was an international executive for more than a decade, travelling the world in her role in the tourism industry.

But at risk of burnout, and suffering the signs of stress, Skye quit her corporate career in 2008 to focus on a more holistic lifestyle.

In doing so, she found a new passion – helping others achieve a healthy life/work balance through yoga, meditation and relaxation.

Skye Lifestyle was founded in Sydney in January 2009, and since then has expanded nationwide, thanks to her team of highly experienced and professional practitioners.



Yoga and Fitness Specialist

Chris is an expert fitness professional and offers classes in both yoga and fitness training.

Chris joined Skye Lifestyle in February 2014.

Chris is the head teacher of the 3 weekly onsite yoga and fitness classes at IKEA Tempe.

Chris runs yoga, running, boxing, body weight exercises and circuit style classes.

Chris spent 20 years on the football field before becoming a Master trainer in fitness. Today yoga practice keeps him free of old injury pains and allows quality and range of movement with a new level of body awareness and inner strength.



For more information please contact Skye at skye@skyelifestyle.com.au