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Why Choose Skye Lifestyle?

Skye Lifestyle has worked with a wide range of corporate clients to bring the many scientifically proven benefits of yoga, meditation, fitness  and relaxation into the workplace.

At Skye Lifestyle, we are aware that employees are the foundation of a successful company – and therefore it is our aim to offer personalised on-site health and wellness programs that make it easier to live a healthier and happier life.

  • We teach skills in managing stress. We offer intervention techniques to avoid burn-out.  And we aim to remind employees how to maintain a healthy work/life balance.
  • The benefits of our stress reduction and wellness programs are measureable, practice-proven and deliver many health benefits.
  • Our programs have proved extremely popular, and during the past six years have been embraced by multi-national companies including Ikea, Kelloggs, Seven Network, Bunnings, Yahoo 7, RSM Bird Cameron, Nespresso, Canon, Vittoria Coffee, NUAA – NSW Users and Aids Association and the National Film and Sound Archive.
  • We aim to establish a well-designed year-round strategy that incorporates a variety of activities, including yoga, relaxation and meditation
  • We listen to employees, and create programs that are simple yet interesting.
  • Our programs focus on prevention of costly and common health issues.
  • Our programs focus on implementing strategies to cope with stress, and teach methods change behaviour long term.
  • Our business sense, passion, wellness knowledge and results-driven focus make us a great partner.
  • We customize programs and content based on the company’s needs, and relevancy.
  • We offer a wide range of programs – from beginner to more advanced – that appeal to all demographics within the workforce.  We have something for everyone.

Finally, we measure results. Our employee surveys and feedback from our corporate clients rank yoga, relaxation, fitness and meditation among the most popular and effective wellness programs to date.


For more information please contact Skye at skye@skyelifestyle.com.au